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I was trying to find my Serperior's Ivs, but I didn't understand how to use the Iv calculator to find his Ivs.
P.S. I read that it is for calculating the Pokemon's Ivs, but I'm unsure if I even read it correctly...

For all the IV calcs i've ever used you just input the info and go...
I put in the info, but I didn't understand what was supposed to happen next...
If you want I could do it for you, just leave a comment with all the Pokémon's details and I'll do it for you, if your having trouble :)

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1)Select Serperior in calc
2)Select Nature
3)Select characteristic
4)Select Hidden Power (it can be checked in Anistar City)
5)Go to Kiloude City's Pokemon Center, and talk to the IV Judge
6)Select whatever the Judge says the potential is in the Best Stat(s) box
7)Select whatever IV the Judge says it's best in in the Overall Potential
8)Select Level of Serperior and type in stats
9)Select EVs that you have on Serperior
10)Click "Calculate Individual Values"
Hope I helped :l

link for the Calc I use: http://www.serebii.net/games/iv-calcdp.shtml

I'm doing that right now
just keep hitting the Default Bag and sometimes, it will appear.
Did you get one yet?
Not yet...
I'll tell you when I get one