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Is there an app on the Nintendo e-shop or a website I could visit? I would appreciate it thanks.

Really good question. I just got a shineey genesect from a friend and he said it was real
Blazo, it might have been an Event Genesect. I have it, too.
Does it have a wishing ribbon, I have that ribbon on it
yup. Mine also has it

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Well, you can't tell if it was hacked, however there is away to test if it is legitimate.

If you have Wi-Fi, you can send your Pokemon over the GTS. If the Pokemon is illegitimate, then the game will not let you put the Pokemon up for offer. However, if it is, you can happily put it up on the GTS. Of course, if you don't want to trade it, you can just take it back. :3

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience and this (despite it saying Black, illegitimate Pokemon still can't be sent through the GTS in other games)

Excuse me, but my method is still as viable as yours.
There's no need for the down vote. :/
I didn't down vote u honest
Some sites say it is true and others don't. I've tested this out and the blue pentagon is true. I've already tested it.
Why the heck is this downvoted? Voting back up, it's a fine answer...
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Well, if a Pokemon has 999 or something that it couldn't get in a stat even with +Nature and 252 EVs,it is hacked.
If the Pokemon is Shiny, and it has 31 IVs in each stat, 75% of the time, it will be hacked.
If the Pokemon has a Move that it cannot learn by default, it is hacked. (excluding Event moves)
If a Pokemon has an ability that it shouldn't have, it is hacked.
If it's something obvious(Lv 1 Lucario or lv 30 Moltres), it's hacked.

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I know the basics of how to spot non legit Pokemon,but Ive seen some good fakes.which is why i was wondering. Thanks for the Feedback :)
Lv1 Roserade can be legitimately obtained. Use A Shiny Stone on a newly hatched Roselia (you don't need an Insence) and BOOM! Lv 1 Roserade.
What do you do about the Budew?
Budews a baby pokemon, the parent has the hold the insence to get a baby budew
Yeah, if no incense its a Roselia
ah, forgot about the incenses lol
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Yes there is a way to tell if your Pokemon is real or not. In the summary of your Pokemon below its type you should see a small blue pentagon. Only real Pokemon have that. If the Pokemon doesn't it's not real. It doesn't matter if the Pokemon was originally from kalos or not.

Source: http://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-xys-pentagon-icon-is-a-hack-checker/


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Wait... You're telling me that the shiny genesect I got from user megacharizard x is FAKE??!?!?!!?
It says it came from Unova and  has a wishing ribbon on it. But, there is no blue pentagon on it. Charizard X said that it came from the 16th movie event in Japan. It is a shiny Japanese genesect with blaze kick, techno blast, ice beam, and u turn.
It is holding no items but its back is yellow, is it normal?

Plz tell me if this is fake or real?
Sadly it's a fake I've seen that same genesect before from the same guy. I rejected the trade cause he was trying to trade me that genesect. Gen 5 has a real hacking problem and people used apps to make a pokemon look real. Charizard on the other hand got genesect from someone else. I tried to explain to him that it was fake and I event showed him a source but he didn't believe me.
If only pokemon bank didn't let genesect get through or any other hacks get through. If it didn't gen 6 wouldn't even really need the blue pentagon