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I followed the instructions of an answer to someone else's question, but when I got to the Power Plant, Zapdos was nowhere to be seen. What happens now? Is this a glitch, or do I have to have all 16 badges? If so, then why was I able to get Articuno?
I forgot to mention that the game that I am using is HeartGold. I have also checked inside and found it not to be there either.

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Zapdos is in Route 10, after you have gotten all 16 badges.

after you earn all 16 badges. Like in FireRed & LeafGreen, Zapdos is findable just outside the Power Plant in Route 10 of Kanto. It is also at the higher level of Level 50 so be prepared

you need to have gotten all 16 badges first, that's probably why.


enter image description here it is right next to the Power Plant.

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enter image description here
This is where Zapdos should appear. (route 10)
You have to first get all 16 badges, however.

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