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This one is found at night. Go inside Glittering Cave and take the first right. The stone will be found at the dead

I have tried this so many times. I have beaten the Elite 4 and everything. Has anyone else had luck finding this? I am in no time soon going to able to find this. Is there any other quest I need to do before it will appear?

I think it has to be between 8 and 9 PM.

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First make sure you are looking between 8PM and 9PM, it cant just be anytime of night. If you are searching during that hour and still not finding it check your DS clock as it may be wrong. Finally I dont know if you mean by "I have beaten the Elite 4 and everything", if you actually got your Mega Ring upgraded as thats the part you need to start finding the mega stones. Another note is that you may have already picked it up and forgotten about it, check your bag and if its still not there go to the location of the other stones and see if you can get those. If you can this probably means you picked it up and gave it to a Pokemon or overlooked it in your bag.

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What do you mean by upgrading my mega ring?
The professor or your neighbor, Serena, will upgrade it for you after you beat the champion. Its the thing that allows you to find the mega stones
Thankyou, now where do you find Serena?
you go to kiloude city, get an 8-streak at the battle maison, and she will apear at the pool a little more to the north in the same city. Then got to Anistar and talk to sycamore at the sun dial. There you go. Hope it helps
I am between 8 and 9, and it is not there, neither is the mawilite