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Ok so I filled the requirements I know about namely:

  1. I beat Diantha

2.I got an 8-streak win in the Battle Maison , beat Calem ( obviously I'm a girl ) and upgraded the mega ring

3.The time is 8:00-8:59 in the game and the real world ( 8:05 when I got there )

  1. I took the first right in Glittering Cave

Nothing happened...

It says 4 when I'm typing the numbers and 1 in the preview so don't ask why it's 1231

What am I doing wrong???

Have you touched the sundial in Anistar?
That's what Prof. Sycamore tells you to do in Anistar after beating your rival.

EDIT: It's part of upgrading the mega ring so I'm sure I did it
Can't you go to Anistar City and check for yourself?

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Check your 3-DS's time in the system. If your 3-DS's time is incorrect, that effects the problem. It happened with me and finding the Scizorite,

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If you set your 3DS time to 8:00, you set it in the morning. Set your 3DS time to 20:00, so it will actually become 8:00. If this doesn't work, this might have happend:

Someone got it behind your back

You're doing something wrong

You haven't upgraded your Mega Ring yet (You might have, but it's best to double check.)

Hope this helps!

I don't have THAT BAD of a memory , not saying you said so but , I know I'm really REALLY sure I upgraded the mega ring because  I was bored in the post game and did the looker quest and a requirement for the looker quest is UPGRADING THE MEGA RING and it activated so that means I upgraded it. And even without the whole ' looker quest ' thing I know because I do battle's with Calem when I feel like it and one time he told me ( my character ) to go to prof. Sycamore in Anistar so there's another proof . Also , I'm on vacation in L.A. and the only kid in the house we're living in IS ME.  According to certain guides , I'm supposed to be doing EVERYTHING right. I'll go to Anistar and check but IF IT STILL doesn't work... there must be something else . Sorry for the long comment.