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I've found Arcticuno and Moltres in Heartgold, so I assume Zapdos is out there. Articuno was in Seafoam Islands, as it was in Fire Red, Moltres was in Mt Silver, which is similar to it's Mt location in Fire Red, but the power plant where Zapdos was in Fire Red was renovated in Heartgold and I don't know where to look for the final mamber of the trio.

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Insted of being inside of the power plant it's outside, right next to the door. You will need Surf to get there.

The power plant is on route 10 same as Red/Blue.

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Yeah, it was sitting right outside the powerplant in plain sight.  I like to think that it was only there after you restore the power plant because right now I'm feeling rather oblivious.  Thanks.
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it is right outside the power plant make sure to have a pokemon with fase swipe and pokemon that can make him sleep and then throw tons of balls