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I have 3 awesome electric types and I can't decide which I should use on my team! ~ Taffy :3

Please give a better moveset if you have any suggestions, as long as the sets are reasonably easy to get. Keep in mind I have all the gym badges and a lot of money to spend.

If I change one of these Pokemon I will try to update it when it happens.

Billy @ Light Clay
Lv. 57
Hardy Nature
HP 145 Atk 81 Def 98 Sp.Atk 120 Sp.Def 109 Speed 187
Thunder | Charge Beam | Light Screen | Reflect
I say use Electrode because he is super fast and hits pretty hard. He can also set up screens to which is very helpful too ^_^ I trained him as a voltorb since level 21 and it was worth it.

FUNeral @ Shell Bell
Lv. 53
Calm Nature
HP 175 Atk 99 Def 100 Sp.Atk 138 Sp.def 132 Speed 137
Thunder | Shock wave | Cut | Rock Climb
If I were to use Raikou, it would be because it has amazing tanking skills. It takes hits like a boss and then shuts down the opponent with it's hard hitting moves. Also, since it has Cut and Rock Climb I wouldn't have to swap it out for an hm slave.

ZAPITY ZAP @ (No Item Yet)
Lv. 50
Jolly Nature
HP 158 Atk 98 Def 93 Sp.Atk 119 Sp.Def 96 Speed 132
Discharge | Fly | Charge Beam | AncientPower
Using zapdos means I would have an awesome special attacker that can fly me around places, and I can stop using my under leveled skarmory for fly and replace him with someone else. Too bad Zapdos almost already out of the question with jolly nature -.-

Current Team

I'll be doing a which water Pokemon question later

So, tell me what you think. Should I keep Raikou and Electrode on the same team? I'd love to hear your opinion! Any help is appreciated!

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Compare the stats and the learnset, not the level! :3
what's the rest of your team?
Honestly I prefer Raikou but I'll let other people answer your question.
If you guys put a moveset for me in the answer that would be great too.
Slowbro > Vaporeon any day. Plus it gives you a psychic type :3
Espeon > Slowbro. :3
You kept Billy from that kid?

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Electrode is the highest level, use it.

Seriously though, Electrode as you mention is good for Screen support and past that not much. In-game it wouldn't be all that fun to use, as Zappy and Raikou hit harder and are legendaries which is way cool. They also have better movepools. Zapdos is a fun poke to use as it has good variety for roles (like when I used it as SDef Wall) and it also has wickedly strong SAtk. It also has decent speed and recovery in the form of roost. However Raikou also has equally strong SAtk and an even better movepool.

So with the best movepool, and a strong SAtk I would go for Raikou (plus as a wandering legendary it's a Btch to catch which makes using it all the more pleasing)

In-Game moveset I like (becasue setting up in-game is so fun)

Raikou @ Leftovers (or anything really)
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Calm Nature
- Calm Mind
- Extrasensory
- Discharge
- (It's in-game, whatever you want :P) Shadow Ball

Yeah so a set-up and sweep set would be pretty kewl. Could also try something physical :# but I wouldn't recommend that. That moveset at least means you'll be using two moves it elarns by leveling up.

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I hate setting up in game but i will try it also I have to keep the HM moves because I need them still xD Calm Mind + Discharge good?
CM + Discharge very good. You can exchange CM for something else if you want. Movesets are pretty loose in-game. Could go Shadow Ball, Discharge, and then those two HM moves. CM + Discharge leaves you vulnerable to ground types, but you got your team members for that.
Yes Billy has the highest level but he is screwed against a Ground type
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Use Electrode, because it's a fast Pokemon that can pout a screen up to take a hit, then put another screen up next turn. Volt switch out of there after that!

Volt Switch wasnt introduced until Gen V fyi
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First off, check this link out:

Now, of all three Pokemon electrode has the lowest hp, atk and def, spatk and spdef, and base stat total. Actually the only thing he excels at is speed, which in my opinion is not nearly as important as the other stats. I would, under no circumstance, choose electrode.

Zapdos has better move resistance. Ground type moves do not affect it in any way. If you have lightning rod ability, you take 0 damage for electric moves AND your SpAtk is raised. Grass, Fight, Steel, bug, and flying type moves aren't very effective against it. The only types that are super effective is ice and rock. Zapdos has a higher SpAtk, which is extremely important with electric types. It also has a higher defense, which will help alot considering most Rock type moves are atk instead of SpAtk. . It has a lower atk, but that will not affect you if you use special moves instead of physical, which you should be doing with zapdos anyway. My main concern with zapdos is its lower defence(sp. and normal). However, since its a legendary, its defense is still above average. Its speed is lower, but speed is near useless. However, now we have to add in Nature. Your jolly nature means that you SpAtk is lower than raikous...by 1 point. So we can consider them tied.

If your Raikou has Volt Absorb ability, then thats awesome. Being hit by electric atks don't hurt it. Actually, they heal him. However, its type resistances are worse, since he is resistant to only electric, flying, and steel. To counteract this, though, he is only weak to ground. He has a better move selection, which means he is more flexible. However, when it comes to having the best moves, they both qualify, which reminds me, why does your raikou not know crunch? why? Anyways, your Raikou's defense is low, especially for a legendary. This is especially bad since his weakness is ground type and most ground types have higher atk and most ground type moves are physical. However, its SpDef is much better. It also looks cooler.

All in all, I would go with Zapdos, even with the Jolly nature. Its type resistance is stellar. However, a few tips concerning your moves: when you start getting into the better moves, ditch fly. It is a physical attack and your Zapdos has a low Atk. Sure its has a 90 in power but your SpAtk is 30 points higher