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Which Electric-type Pokemon is better?

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All these electric Pokemon have a common base stat total. So, the abilities, moves, and best stats are ultimately what will influence your decision.


  • good combination of Spd and Sp. Atk
  • not a flying type; therefore reducing it's # of weaknesses, but also # of resistances
  • ≈81% of damaging ground moves are physical, but it's defense is it's lowest stat

Raikou is a good Pokemon for fast sweeping, but it's also very vulnerable. Almost all popular ground moves are physical, so Raikou's moderately-low defense could be a problem. In concern to abilities, Pressure would be better used in double battles, to help reduce the PP of multiple-attacking Pokemon. In single battles, chances are the opponent will faint before a move's PP is completely used out. For it's HA, Inner Focus, moves such as Fake Out, Rock Slide, and Bone Rush, are probably the only moves you'd find it to be useful for - but even 2 out of these 3 moves are physical. For it's moves, you might choose a popular STAB move such as Thunderbolt. Raikou doesn't learn any moves to be effective against ground weakness, so you may find Raikou better in 2v2, otherwise you'd need status moves like Toxic, and consider yourself KO'd unless you switch out. Other moves such as Charge Beam can also help boost it's Sp. Atk.


  • the best out of 3 defensive-wise for both defenses (and HP), but still very vulnerable
  • good Sp. Atk, but the slowest out of the 3

Zapdos has a little more resistances and weaknesses, but a good immunity to ground. A HA Zapdos is much than having Pressure, because paralysis can make up for it's slightly slower speed. For it's moves, you may also choose a good move like Thunderbolt, otherwise go with Thunder if you make it learn rain dance, or have an ally in 2v2 or 3v3 who knows Rain Dance. You may also choose a move like Ancient Power to help with it's ice weakness, but even that may take a few turns to do its job. The rest of it's moves can be used with another special move Hyper Beam, or a status move such as Protect or Toxic.

Thundurus (Incarnate)

  • best combination of Sp. Atk and Spd out of the 3
  • lowest defenses and HP out of the 3

Thundurus is the same thing as Zapdos resistances/weaknesses-wise. For its ability, Prankster, you may want a move like Toxic or Nasty Plot to take full advantage of its purpose. Although, for its HA, Defiant, you'd want a move like Hammer Arm - but that will end up decreasing it's speed and boosting attack, which is initially lower than its Sp. Atk. This being said, you may have a difficult time figuring out whether to make Thundurus a physical/special user. If you have Defiant + Hammer Arm, you might consider making it a physical-user, therefore using moves like Wild Charge, Crunch, Smart Strike, or Revenge for it's ice weakness. However, if you don't choose Hammer Arm, it's better making Thundurus a special-user, since it's electric STAB moves are mostly special-typing. Then, Defiant would then be completely the opponent's influence.

Overall, all Pokemon are very good, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses. So, if I were to give an opinion, I'd choose Zapdos > Raikou/Thundurus because it seems more balanced to me, and you can use it for in-game consecutive-battling; since Zapdos is one of the very few legendaries the game accepts. Also, If I were to give an opinion of which to use for PvP, I'd say Thundurus = 1v1, Raikou = 2v2, but Zapdos = Either. But as you know, it's ultimately your decision.

Hope I helped! :)

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Thundurus Incarnate's BST is 580. Its stats are 079 in HP, 115 in Attack, 070 in Defense, 125 in Special Attack, 080 in Special Defense, and 111 in Speed. In its Therian Forme, it receives -10 in both Attack and Speed, no change in both Defense and Special Defense, and +20 in Special Attack.

Zapdos' BST is 580. Its stats are 090 in HP and Attack and Special Defense, 085 in Defense, 125 in Special Attack, and 100 in Speed.

Raikou's BST is 580. Its stats are 090 in HP, 085 in Attack, 075 in Defense,115 in Special Attack and Speed, and 100 in Special Defense.


Thundurus can learn Normal-, Electric-, Fighting-, Ghost-, and Dark-type moves through level-up. It can also learn Normal-, Electric-, Grass-, Fighting-, Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, Bug-, Rock-, Dark-, and Steel-type moves as TMs.

Zapdos can learn Electric-, Flying-, and Rock-type moves through level-up. It can also learn Normal-, Electric-, Flying-, Bug-, and Steel-type moves as TMs.

Raikou can learn Normal-, Electric-, Psychic-, and Dark-type moves through level-up. It can also learn Normal-, Electric-, Ground-, Ghost-, and Dark-type moves as TMs.


Thundurus is an Electric/Flying-type: which makes it immune to only Ground; resistant to Grass, Fighting, Flying, Bug, and Steel; and weak to Ice and Rock.

Zapdos is the same type as Thundurus.

Raikou is a pure-Electric-type: which makes it resistant to Electric, Flying, and Steel; and weak to Ground only.

By typing, Raikou only has 1 weakness, whereas the other two have.....2 weaknesses. Both Thundurus and Zapdos have 1 immunity, whereas Raikou doesn't. Also, both Thundurus and Zapdos have 5 resistances, whereas Raikou only has 3 resistances.
By moves, Thundurus can learn 6 different types of moves through level-up as well as 11 different types of moves as TMs.

I know nothing on competitive play. But, I know which Pokémon is better in terms of typing, stats, and the number of different types in can learn from either TM or level-up.