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From this I mean if I encounter entei and accidentally K/O does it re-spawn automatically in the game even if I K/O it 1000 times


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If you beat the Elite Four every time, then yes.

So if you KO Entei, he will disappear. Go beat the Elite 4 and he will roam again. You can continue this cycle forever.

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Both elite 4's or just johto's?
All of them.
So I have to beat Kanto's and Johto's elite 4 for entei to re-spawn?
You only need to beat one for the spawn to work. This method works on all of the Pokemon Leagues in the game.
Cheers Fizzcube
Ther is only one group of Elite 4. You 2 were talking about Gyms.
Really? I'm new to the game I thought there was 2 elite 4's my bad, I was referring to the kanto and johto champions, thanks anyway