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I've been searching for entei and raikou forever! do you know any ways to find them faster?

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does this work in x and y for the legendary bird trio?

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I used this trick, it works very well. A fun fact to know is that repels only repel lower level pokemon. go to a route with weak, low leveled pokemon. Bring a bunch of max repels with you. then go near grass where there is a building to the next route. Then use the repel, with a LV 39 pokemon leading your party. This will repel everything but the legendary. Give it a few steps (about 20) if you don't get anything go to the building (technically meaning you go to a different route, thus, changing the roaming legendaries location) and go back to the same grass as before. repeat this until it happens to appear in the route you're in. Be ready because both will try to flee, and if trapped, they will use roar to end the battle. this repel me about 10-15 minutes to find a roaming pokemon like entei or raikou.

Also make sure to save the game when it is in the same route, just in case. Make sure to have a Pokemon that uses Spore pr Thunder WAve.
I'll give this one the Best answer since it was first. but both are excellent suggestions!
will route 110 work?
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This works great. Save your game on a route that they come often. Turn the game off and on until they are on your route when you turn it on. Throw on a repel and walk into the grass and there they are. This is how I caught my riakou and Entei.

Whats wrong with this?
Nothing, I'll vote it back up. This method works just as well as mine!
Thank you, how do you type so fast?
I'll vote yours up too. I'll try both and get my new legendaries!
I type fast because I'm only 16 and I work all day at my job  So I just go on the internet to kill time when things get slow, and practice makes perfect. I usually just type as fast as I can, then edit it for any mistakes after posting quickly.
Im pretty sure turning your game consels on and off could damage your game (sorry for spelling mistakes)
Not really. It would have to be turned off hundreds of times.
i tried it and it didnt work