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My Electrode can't seem to win easily against its foes. Since the level is high enough, I am thinking the moves need changed. It knows: Gyro Ball, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Swift.


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First of I would think of changing its moves. Gyro ball was a good choice, but electrode is very fast making gyro ball weak. I would change it for a defense or special defense raising move like light screen. I would also change thunder because its low 70% accuracy. Magnet rise would be great because it will protect you from your only weakness, ground type moves. That will leave you with a defense raising move and a move to protect you from your weakness.

Since it is your electrode you chose what you do with it, but I can tell you some of his other great moves. One of them is charge. Charge is good, not just for doubleing any electric moves used on your next turn, but it also raises your special defense. If you have another Pokemon on your bench it would be smart to have explosion. It would probably end the battle and with your other Pokemon, you would finaly become victorious. I don't think you would want to do that though, because it sounds like you want to win wiht electrode and electrode alone.

Also mirror coat would be good to bounce back special moves along with dealing extra damage. There are a lot of choices as you can see, but it is not all about moves. You should ev train him if you haven't. I would train it for defense and special defense because electrodes already have good special attack. If you think you could you can also try to make it have such a good special attack you will take every one out it one shot.

If you want to do that you should also make it have more ev's on speed, on top of the crazy speed it already has. Remember, it is your choice what you do with your electrode, but all in all electrode has a good selection of moves so you can make your own strategy.

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