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Magnezone @Light clay
Bold nature
Ability: Magnet pull
-Light screen
-Charge beam / Thunderbolt
-Flash cannon

Which is more useful?


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Neither Thunderbolt nor Charge Beam fit well into your Dual Screener Magnezone Set. The best Electric Type Move for that Set is Volt Switch, as it provides Magnezone with a decent STAB that switches into the Pokemon that Reflect and Light Screen is ment to protect safely due to his Low Speed.

I also suggest using Hidden Power [Ice] in place of Flash Cannon if possible, as Electronic+Ice scores excellent Coverage that hits every Pokemon for Neutral or Super Effective Damage (bar Rotom-H and opposing Magnezone).

Here is the suggested Set:

Magnezone @ Leftovers
Trait: Magnet Pull
EVs: 200 HP / 52 Def / 4 SAtk / 252 SDef
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
0 Spd IVs
- Volt Switch
- Hidden Power [Ice] / Flash Cannon
- Reflect
- Light Screen

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I would say charge beam in this case. Behind the dual screens Magnezone will be able to take hits. But I suggest that you move reflect and replace it with substitute because Magnezone already has High defences and will probably get attacked specially. Behind the substitute Magnezone can start using charge beam. Every time it does so it will raise it's own special attack. After this Magnezone will become a bit of a pain to get down if there are no powerful ground and/or fire types. I have used a Magnezone similar to yours and if I might say it did a good job :)

Hope This helped a little

Thanks anyway!
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Probably Thunderbolt because it is more useful on any set. Magnezone already has a high enough Special Attack and the straight power is more worth it. Charge Beam also has less accuracy plus no chance for paralysis.

Thunderbolt easily wins.

Hmm...is 272 sp atk good because I focus on more his defenses
Well if you focus on defenses paralysis is good. For a defensive set 272 is great allowing him to take hits and strike back hard. Charge Beam isn't any better than T-bolt because of the power drop from one to the other.