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Thunder or Thunderbolt for Raichu?

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I think Thunderbolt is a better all-around option. 95 Damage plus STAB combined with 100 Accuracy is excellent. Thunder gives you more power, but that 30% chance of a miss can cause you to lose games that you could have won with Thunderbolt.

If you are going for a rain team, definitely go for Thunder because the 100 accuracy in rain and 120 BP plus STAB is awesome. But for an all-around regular team, Thunderbolt is your best shot.

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Personally, unless you have something that makes Thunder hit all the time, I prefer Thunderbolt because it has decent damage and it hits all the time.
Hope this helps:)

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Thank you!
Thunderbolt doesn't hit all the time because the opponent might use double team
thunder hits always in rain
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Weeeeeell... let's think.

Thunder makes the most incredible of incredible damage, but only hits 7 out of 10 times. So it's a 30% chance it will miss. That's pretty high, yet possible.

Thunderbolt is a move that always hits, but does 95 damage.
Imagine adding the two moves' accuracy and damage together:

Thunder = 120 + 70 = 190
Thunderbolt = 95 + 100 = 195

Yes, Thunderbolt wins, but as much as my inner-self wants to scream Thunderbolt, I actually go for the opposition.
I have had my history with Thunder, and most of the times I've used it, it has hit.
What I did was that I taught my Ampharos Shock Wave and Thunder, so if Thunder is always missing I can hit them with Shock Wave. Substituting Shock Wave with Thunderbolt, and that's a great technique right there! (But it wastes half of your moveset D:)

I would personally recommend Thunder, because if all goes well, your opponent will be begging for mercy. However, I'd recommend a back up move, in case your luck isn't very 'lucky'. Shock Wave, or Thunderbolt are good options.

Sorry about the wall of text, I do this a lot. xD
Hope I helped somehow :)

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Thanks! I might use both moves. :D
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If you have a lot of x accuracy's you should get thunder or try a wide lens that'll help too

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If you're running Rain Dance on your Raichu or another Pokemon, or you have it holding a Wide Lens, I'd go with Thunder. If not, Thunderbolt is the better choice personally due to its higher accuracy.

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It is your choice. If your going for power Thunder would be the way to go. Thunderbolt has better accuracy but you lose some power. Whether your looking for power or accuracy it is your choice. I prefer thunderbolt.

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