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other than Magnezone and the less popular Lanturn

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the bolt beam combo
By resist, do you mean that it won't be very effective?

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The only pokemon that can resist ice and electric without the help of an ability are rotom-h, rotom-F, Magneton, and Magnezone. There are several pokemon that are neutral to it, however. With thick fat, Mamoswine essentially resists ice and gets an immunity to electric. Goldeen and seaking both resist ice, and their lightningrod abilities deal with electric. Lanturn has volt absorb plus its typing to deal with both, but since you said you didn't want it or Magnezone, the rest are up there.

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This page is very useful to answer these type of questions: http://psypokes.com/dex/atktypeanalysis.php - I'm thinking of making my own version for PokemonDb.
BTW you missed out Shedinja :) Also, Lightning Rod only gives immunity in gen 5.
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The only ones that I can think of DW Goldeen and Seaking. Their Dream World ability is Lightningrod, and that makes them immune to electric type attacks. If they do, it will draw all electric type attacks towards that pokemon and raise their Special attack by one. They also resist Ice beam being water type.