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I've finished x and since there is no Pokemon bank in sight I wanted to start my collection of shinies I caught a shiny spritzee in the friend safari and I was wondering how you shiny chain or whatever it is called so I can get a shiny
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I would recommend Consecutive Fishing! This is where you fish for a shiny by standing in one spot and not making any movements. To succeed in this you must achieve a +40 chain without getting "nothing seems to be biting", going to the menu, or moving. To ensure a bite catch a Suction Cups or Sticky Hold Pokemon with these abilities.

So far I've Caught a Shiny: Skrelp, Relicanth, Horsea, and Shellder

It takes patience :)

Hope I Helped.

Somtou can't shiny chain in grass
You can use the PokéRadar to get a Chain of +40 and more by seeing the same rustling and Pokémon.
OK thank you for the help