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Iv always believed and saw a few sources that only legit Pokemon have that checker. And fake Pokemon don't. Isn't this true?


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The blue pentagon means that the Pokemon was hatched/caught in Kalos. If your Pokemon does not have a blue pentagon, try putting it in the GTS. If you can, it's legit. If not, it's fake.

What I mean is that I have once gotton a chespin shiny with flame thrower. It didn't have the pentagon. Iv seen on several sites that it means it's a hack checker and if it has the checker it's a fake pokemon
The Chespin was hacked in. However, the blue pentagon still means that the Pokemon are Native to Kalos. It has nothing to do with hack checking.
If it didn't have the pentagon, it simply means that it was not hatched or caught in Kalos, meaning it had to be either hacked or Pokétransported, and Pokétransport is not possible in this case since Chespin is in gen 6. Thus, the Chespin is fake.
Then explain how it doesn't have the checker
I guess it's only a hack checker for Kalos Pokemon. :)
See and that's why it doesn't have the checker
Only real legit pokemon have the checker regardless if it was from kalos or not. Real pokemon regardless if it's from kalos or not will have it. I just looked at my starters from past gens and they have the checker
Apparently some different information is coming from different sources. You must have seen a place where it said the pentagon was a legitimacy test, where I saw one where it meant that the Pokemon was native to Kalos. But I'm not about to argue about who is wrong.
Carebears, starters from past gens??
Unless you have a Japanese 3DS, and you got PokeBank in the few minutes it was online, then you can't have gotten your starters from your previous games.
If you are referring to Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle you got from Sycamore then they are native to Kals since you got them in Kalos.
So of course they'll have the pentagon, because you obtained them in Kalos.
I have a todidile from a past gen and it has the blue pentagon. I got a different todidile from the gts and it didn't have the blue pentago. It also knew the move fire blast.
Did you transfer the Totodile with the pentagon yourself? Or did you get it from the GTS/Wonder Trade?
Gts that's why I asked the question
Maybe it signifies it's your Pokemon?

Like YOU PokeTransfered it, so it is YOUR Pokemon.
If you got it from the GTS then it is possible that it came from an egg, and it would have the pentagon. We just don't know for sure.
You guys are right. I truly don't know. I guess there is only one way to find out when bank comes out for America. When it does I will transfer a hacked pokemon and see if it has the checker or not. Thank you for your time!
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The Blue Pentagon indicates the Pokémon to be caught in Kalos. If there is no Pentagon, it can either mean you transferred it from Gen 5, or it was hacked.