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Bought recently off ebay. Wasn't cheap, had the usual signs inside the cartridge and on the back so it looks like a genuine copy. When I boot the game up, I get a message that says "The internal battery has run dry. The game can be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur."

My research tells me that anything along the lines of "the game can be played" means it's a fake. However, other sites tell me that there is an exception if the game detects a problem with the internal battery, and the game played message wasn't the last bit of text like it normally would be with a fake copy.

Expert opinions needed.

Yeah that’s normal. It said that on my friends.
Can you try opening the cartridge and showing us the circuit board inside?

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It would be better if you posted an image of it, but with just the information available, it seems legit. That entire opening text in particular is normal for a dry battery. If you have access to a Gen 4 game, a good way to test the legitimacy would be to attempt migrating Pokémon. The Gen 4 games won’t recognize a fake cartridge, so if “Migrate from Emerald” shows up at all, that’s a pretty good sign of it being legit.

Yes. Transferring it the best way to test legitimately.