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So I was planning to transfer some Pokémon from my Emerald cart (which I have concluded is a fake) to my platinum cart which I recently purchased (which is also probably fake cause it can’t connect to my wii). I have no way to test the compatablity since my DS is being repaired, so I was wondering if Pal Park will recognise the GBA cart since the DS cart is fake.... thanks in advance.

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I heard only the most skilled fakes can trade.
I know a fake copy of Emerald can't connect to a real copy of Platinum, so I would guess two fake games can't connect either, given how likely it is that they came from two different fakers (or bootleggers or whatever they're called).

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I wouldn't think so. Platinum probably isn't a real copy so it most likely will not recognize Pokémon games, even if they are fake. And even if your Platinum is real, it probably won't be compatible with the Emerald as it wouldn't recognize it as a real, legit Pokémon game. I'm making a guess so I'm not a credible source.

If you're not credible, why are you answering?
I'm just telling them what I think. My answer is still an answer until a credible source stumbles upon the question and can answer it with 100% credibility and certainty.
I don't know about this specific question, but most people don't want any answers unless someone is sure he/she/it has the correct and complete answer.
Yeah, that makes sense. I did some thinking a few months ago and it was about Pokémon only accessible by having a GBA cartridge in the GBA slot and thought that the game would have to recognize the cartridge as a real copy to do things like certain Pokémon found in the wild and Pal Park.