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I'm still newish to my DS. I have a dslite and a 3ds.
there is a second game slot in my dslite and its much bigger than the usual slot. does this mean I can play much older games?
and if so, would I be able to transfer Pokemon from an older game card onto my White version??
Will I need both my ds to do it or can I just use the second game slot??

I'm so confused..
these are my first ever ds.
I've only ever used gbc.

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Yes; on your Nintendo DS lite, you're able to play both DS games and Gameboy Advance games.
Only the DS lite and the original DS (DS fat) have this dual slot feature.

The dual slot feature even comes with some features that allow your DS game to interact with it (like migrating Pokemon with a Fire Red, Leaf Green, Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald) with any Generation IV game on the DS.
When using both slots for the same type of game or the same series (like Megaman Starforce wiith any Megaman Battle Network), will unlock you some special features or something!

You can check game manuals if they do this or not; have fun with your DS!
It is an awesome system!

- 12.02.2011 3:13

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great thanks for your help lol now i know what it is :-)
The original DS is fat with a ph! It's the one I have xD