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Say if I have two DS systems, and I wanted to evolve my kadabra. Could I trade it from my Firered to Leafgreen, and back, or is GBA link play not possible on a DS ?

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Yes you could trade from Fire-Red to Leaf-Green;-)
But Like you said GBA Link play is not possible unless its a GBA.

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wait..... I know i'm sounding like a broken record here......could I could get my kadabra to evolve? Or do I need two GBA systems, and not DS?
wait.....I get it....I can't can I?
You would need to **Game Boy Advance Systems**;-) To trade then your Kadabra would evolve or you could Insert your Fire-Red into the bottom cortrige of your **Nintendo D.S Lite**.And Migrate Them Hope I Helped;-)
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