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I was wondering if it's possible to trade from a DS to a GBA(SP) with a wireless adapter?

I have FireRed, Sapphire and Diamond and i have 2 DS's, a GBA SP, and a wireless adapter for the sp.
I want to know if i can trade between FireRed and Sapphire, in any way with the stuff above?


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No! The Gameboy Advance Wireless Adapter is not compatible with the Nintendo DS' wireless connectivity.
The GBA Wireless Adapter is only compatible and can only be connected with another Wireless Adapter.

If you want to transfer Pokemon from your GBA game to your Pokemon DS game, you must use the dual slot feature only on the Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS lite.
Your Pokemon DS game must of beaten the Elite Four first before transferring, and you must transfer six Pokemon at the same time, once a day.