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So, i'm shiny hunting in gen 3, and I want to know the most optimal way to soft reset. Obviously, AB Start and select is the best method, but like, I can't use the rubber band trick like that. in other words, i’m asking how to best hold those buttons down for shiny hunting purposes.

I asked if this was okay to post in the staff server since it borderlines not being relevant to Pokemon, and PX said that’s up to you guys to decide. So yeah!

Why can't you use the rubber band trick?
Because this is a gba game. You don’t soft reset using l and r

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If you have a Game Boy SP it is easier than the original Game Boy Advance because of the easier button layout. Other than that, you could still put a rubber band around start and select, as that still works, it just looks different from a rubber band around l and r. If you have an original GBA, then it might obstruct your vision of your screen a little bit but you'll be fine.

I don't really know what else to say

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