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I'm currently playing Pokémon Emerald and searching for an adamant Aron with the ability Rock Head. I've been searching for over two days now, and it seems that every Aron I've been catching has been Modest, the exact opposite nature I need. And I mean every Aron, like, as common as 10 times in a row. I've been soft resetting so that I save on Poké Balls if it turns out an Aron isn't the one that I want, so part of me is wondering if natures in wild Pokémon encounters are pre-determined somehow, and if this is because of that, because I feel like it's impossible to have this bad of luck over 2 days. Anyway I really would like some clarification the reasoning behind this (if any), and how to get out of this limbo because right now it just feels like this game hates me.

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There are a few things with Emerald in particular that could be affecting your chances.
First, Emerald was the first game to implement Synchronize’s secondary effect; if you don’t know, in every game since Emerald, if a Pokémon leading the party has the ability Synchronize, all wild Pokémon have a 50% chance of having the same nature as the Synchronizer, so if you’re leading with an Abra or Ralts, that could be the reason.
Secondly, Emerald’s Random Number Generator is glitched to have a fixed seed. What that means is that, every time you start the game, it will reroll the exact same numbers on the exact same frames, so the fact that you’re SRing doesn’t do you any favors. That being said, if you’re not accidentally using a Synchronizer, then I don’t know what to tell you; you’re just getting super unlucky. However, if you are Synching, then you’ve probably been hitting the exact same two or three modest Aron several times in a row without realizing it.