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So as the question says, does anyone know how points are distributed and how they determine prizes at the end? ls it random based on rank, or is it dependent on the types of balloons you pop?

lf you don't know what l'm talking about: Click here

+Edit: After playing a ton of games, l have noticed that point distribution is totally random, which really sucks.

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...So... do you still want us to answer??? xD
Since we can't get a definitive answer, l guess this will just take it off the unanswered list for now.

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Apparently, yeah, you're right. Points are distributed randomly. :/ Sorry.

And it also seems that prizes are distributed randomly as well because some guy in the source got 3 berries when he got A-rank, then he did it again, got C-rank, and he got a Shiny Stone. So it seems it's all gotten by random. :3

Hope I helped. :)