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By Island of Dreams, l am referring to the place where you travel around to meet Pokemon and play mini-games (in Black/White Global Link).

l've been looking around Serebii for any information about it, and nothing. l haven't been able to connect to the X/Y Global Link not even once because of a "server is busy, please try again later" message every single time, so l can't find out myself.
Is Global Link for X/Y now only for Promotions, Medals, Pokemiles, etc.? Can you not meet DW Pokemon there anymore?

Technically it is out right now but all you can do is game sink. There won't be a actual global link for it until the specific date
Ohh l see, l wasn't aware it wasn't even released yet.
l will close this question, thanks for the info!

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Knowone knows because the Pokemon global link won't be out until January 14. Right now they are slowly closing the old one ( black and white) in phases. You won't be able to find out until that specific date.

I hope this helped

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Ummm, i think you mean "No one." ( spelling error)
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Ohh, so it won't be up until Black and White Global Link closes?
l have heard that a few people were able to successfully connect though, unless they were referring to syncing Pokemiles.