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If you Transferred a Shiny Pokemon from Gen II to Gen I, then Transferred it Back, Would it Still be Shiny?

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Example: Say you cheated or something to get a shiny Mew in your Gold/Silver/Crystal Version. Then you transferred it to Red/Blue/Yellow. Mew is meant to have set IV's correct? Would it turn into a glitch Pokemon, or stay the same? Then if you traded it back, would it still be shiny?

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I can't find anything that addresses this, and since my brick-sized Gameboy is long gone, I can't check myself, but logic would indicate that a Gen II shiny Pokemon cannot be shiny in Gen I because shinies didn't exist in Gen I.
Additionally, since like you said shiny Pokemon were determined by their IVs, if you transferred the shiny Pokemon back into Gen II, it should once again be shiny, because it'll have the same IVs.

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Yes if you transfer a Pokémon from a Generation II game to a Generation I game and then back again, it will still be Shiny.


Although since Shiny Pokémon were not available in Generation I, it is only logical that if a Shiny Pokémon is transferred from a Generation II game to Generation I game, it would appear the same as any other Pokémon of the same species.

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How were you the only person that was able to answer this correctly? xD
Though my question about Mew remains unanswered XD
Oh, I think Shiny Mew could be successfully transferred to Red and Blue unless someone decided to hack.
Like, they did it for Black and White, with Zekrom and Reshiram having a shiny sprite despite not being able to be legally shiny. And with Arceus, who has a ??? sprite. I imagine they would have done this in the earlier games no differently, really. :3
I'm not exactly sure but anyway thanks for the vote up Indigo and thank you for best answer Lunara :)