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I mean in Japan or somewhere. How many it is.

And does Pokemon centers have old Pokemon games or gameboys? Red Blue Green - SS HG Pt

Sorry for wrong grammar not american and very young.

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All Pokemon center s are located within any city in the game even most small towns have them.

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I am sorry but this is not what he asked lol.
He wants to know in the real Japan where are every Centers and places related to Pokémon.
Unless you are japanese or you went there, you can't answer.

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Pokémon Centers are retail stores that sell official Pokémon merchandise.

There are currently 8 Pokémon Centers in Japan and 3 in the USA. Here are the cities that the Pokémon Centers are in:


Tokyo Bay


Seattle, Washington- Northgate Mall
Tacoma, Washington- Tacoma Mall
New York- Nintendo World Store

Pokémon Center stores sell many kinds of Pokémon merchandise. This includes Pokémon games, TCG cards, anime videos and DVDs, manga volumes, CDs, and a wide array of products such as clothes, accessories, bedding, sporting equipment, dishes, musical instruments, and toys

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Center_(store)

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the Nintendo world is a Pokemon Center!!!!
I live very close to it (4 blocks away)
But, the Nintendo world also sells nintendo stuff, so its half a pokemon center
"In January 2005, Pokémon Center New York closed for remodeling. It reopened as a general Nintendo store called Nintendo World on May 14, 2005, no longer as a Pokémon-exclusive store. However, there is a section on the ground floor devoted to the franchise, where there is a large selection of Pokémon video games, trading cards, dolls (which are either imports from Japan or old dolls from the old Pokémon Center), figures, DVDs, clothes and apparel, and other merchandise." - Bulbapedia
wow, didnt know dat