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When I answer neither to both questions she says "In my view, you are a person with common sense!"

When I answer outside to the first one, and the thing everybody knows to the second one she says: "I'd say you are quite active!"

When I answer at home to the first one and the thing nobody knows to the second one she says: "I'd say you are quite relaxed!"


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She's probably a character who just talks and does nothing else. Most characters in cities in Pokemon games are like that.

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I just checked and sumwun's right, she doesn't give you anything, she's just there. Otherwise they would've labeled the item, Gift from Lady in Pokecenter, or something like that, on the page, a bunch of not very useful Items anyway, are said to be gifts, but it doesn't give specifics, meaning they're probably not from a person that is specific, like her, as she asks you several questions, and doesn't just give you it. The only item there that really might be of value that is a gift is a Poke toy, which are available in other places, even in a shop, where you can buy as many as you want.

Source: The Serebii Page for Virbank City.

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