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Sometimes I get an Egg as a reward for doing a job, but it's always a lame Pokemon. Sometimes it's a cool Pokemon, though. Anyway, how is that determined?

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It's set when you receive the egg from the client, usually as the ??? reward for a mission. This means you can soft reset for the egg, but it means that you have to save before you complete the mission and you must play a few filler days until the egg hatches.

Also, the egg's species is determined by the dungeon of the mission, and the egg will contain a Pokemon species that's found in the dungeon.

You can also use Wonder Mail generator to ensure you get a certain egg as well.

Source - Games FAQ

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Can you give me a link to that WMS generator?
Yep: http://apointlessplace.net/wms/wmgenerate.html
Just googled it, so I can't comment on its reliability. :P