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I just want an epic method Ex. consume ,lveling, rare candy or any other method to provide best stat ever to my poke except Hack pleased help me I know that your knowledge are unending thx.

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  • Breeding. Breeding a Pokemon with perfect IVs is extremely difficult, and the maximum is 31 IVs a stat. By using the Destiny Knot, you can pass down 5 IVs between the parents, so getting parents with perfect IVs for breeding helps.
  • Nature. If you have a positive nature, you can raise a Pokemon's stat by 10%, and lower another by 10%. Something like Pinsir has bad Special Attack, so a Jolly Nature, which decreases Special Attack, and raises Speed, which Pinsir can actually use, is beneficial.
  • EVs. You can have 255 EVs a stat, although only 252 will work. At Level 100, for every 4 EVs in a stat, you get 1 stat point. You can use Vitamins, Wings, Super Training, or just standard battling to raise EVs.
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