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I'm asking because it's pretty unusual.

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Shedinja is really just a gimmick pokemon. But in the hands of the right trainer, can actually be pretty deadly. He's great for switching into resistant attacks, since he's impervious to all damage from non super effective attacks. That means he can work great defensively despite his sweeping stats. But it only looks good on paper, because most trainers have something to counter him, and he's also not protected from status or weather, making him an easy kill. But if you can clear your opponent's team of any threats before sending him out, Shedinja is unstoppable. As for the soul stealing thing, the pokedex entries are just there to give some interesting information about the pokemon, but isn't necessarily true for how the pokemon functions in the game. (they say that Nidoking can snap a telephone pole as if it were a matchstick.)

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Well it is technichally a ghost shell shed from a shedinja. I suppose it has 1hp because it seems very fragile, and as for the magical guard...... well, if you're a resurrected inanimate object, what can't you do? It makes you think of the best ways to use AND beat it. The creators of pokemon weren't trying to make a simple kids game. they added as much strategy as possible and made you require all your cunning skills to win. you have to be smart. and if you are (and know the ways of shedinja) you'll have a great pokemon to battle with.

*a ghost shell shed from a NINJASK maybe?
Shed from a nincada, you mean. It supposedly sheds off its skin ( which turns into shedinja ) then evolves into ninjask.
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First of all, Shedinja's evolutionary line is based off of a cicada. Cicadas are very loud bugs due to drums located in their wings that spend most of their lives underground in the nymph stage, feeding around the roots of trees. To enter their next stage of life, they must shed their skins on a nearby surface, leaving behind an empty brown shell. They are typically seen emerging from the backs of these shells, which explains the hole in its back. When cicadas leave their shells as adults, they don't do anything with it, just leaving it where it was, which explains why you get a Shedinja AND a Ninjask after evolving with space in your party. It also explains why Shedinja has little to no health, as the cicada shell has no creature inside it. Essentially Shedinja is an enchanted cicada shell, but without a life essence it doesn't have much health.

Shedinja isn't weak if you give it a place to shine. Building a team around Shedinja would actually be a great opportunity to try new strategies because its low HP makes an interesting challenge. Teammates such as Cradily can stall out and take down pesky Fire and Flying types, but its slow Speed may grant the opponent a turn, especially threats like Talonflame and Charizard. It can also use its Grass typing to an advantage against Rock types.
However, a faster teammate is necessary and other options could include Mega Gallade with Night Slash in its moveset depending on how slow the opponent is-- if it can outspeed the Ghost type fighting it, then it can land a blow to a possible threat with a Dark type move. It also is part Fighting and Psychic, giving it wide access to moves that could hinder previously mentioned Dark types.

Those are just a few options though, and there are plenty better ones. And you still need to be careful with Shedinja. It's very fragile, so don't get reckless with your strategy. You cannot afford even one point of damage or a spot on your team will be jeopardized.

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Since shedinja is just unharmd from some attaks so its just fair to people who fight it

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