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All three have their own niches, but I feel that Barbaracle is the superior of the three.

Lets go through their niches:

Relicanth: Rock Head+ Head Smash calls for some good wall-breaking potential, but Relicanth offers little other than that. Held back by lack of a good boosting move, being vulnerable to all entry hazards while having a terrible speed also hurts.

Carracosta: This Pokemon has access to Shell Smash, which is one of, if not, the best boosting move in the game which sharply raises Attack, Special Attack and Speed at one go. Despite a horrible speed stat, Carracosta has access to priority in Aqua Jet to somewhat mitigate its poor speed. Lack of good coverage moves hurt though.

Barbaracle: It also has access to Shell Smash, has a better speed stat than Carracosta, despite having no priority, while it has a Tough Claws boosted Cross Chop to destroy Ferrothorn who walls his STABs. Overall is a dangerous Pokemon if you can find an opportunity to set up.

Weigh the pros and cons, and make your decision :)

I am leaning towards Barbaracle for the sweeping category though.

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Barbaracle. It has impressive attack, very nice defence and a very nice movepool. The abilities it has are sniper, tough claws and pickpocket. With sniper you could try to get crits with moves like night slash while having tough claws, with a SD, you could possibly sweep teams. As for the other ones, they are not really that impressive and in my opinion they cant be compared.

Of course this is my opinion and the choice is still yours.

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Barbaracle @ Assault Vest
Ability: Tough Claws
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Brave Nature
IVs: 0 Spd
- Razor Shell
- X-Scissor
- Poison Jab
- Power-Up Punch

A good trick room sweeper with great bulk in tandem with Assault Vest.

Carracosta @ Life Orb
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Shell Smash
- Aqua Jet
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

Set up a Shell Smash with sturdy and try to sweep.

Ability: Rock Head
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Rock Polish
- Head Smash
- Double-Edge
- Earthquake

Come in on a banded attack and set up a Rock Polish, then sweep.