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I would have maybe won a battle against Pimpnubz if they do pierce lowered attack stats.
BUT I don't know if they do, nor does anyone I believe
and that's why I threw this question out there :D

Thanks for dealing with my 2nd problem, now look at the 1st and 3rd problem
I need an answer than answers my question
I will wait until I get that answer
From what I know, critical hits pierce through defense buffs and lowered attack stats.

For attack buffs and defense drops, Critical hits do not pierce through them.

The reason you lost to Pimpnubz while u got a crit is not because the critical hit did not "pierce" your lowered attack stat, but rather the fact that Critical hits are nerfed from double the damage in gen 1-5 to only 1.5 times the damage in gen 6.
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I just looked at my question, I made a serious typo D:

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If the attacker is using a Physical move, and is at +2 Attack while the defender is at +1 Defense, then a critical hit will ignore the Defense boost but not the Attack boost.

>The same occurs if the attacker is at -1 Attack and the defender at -2 Defense, with the Attack drop being ignored but not the Defense drop.

Basically, the quote sums up this:
(Special) Attack Drops are ignored.
(Special) Attack Boosts aren't ignored.
(Special) Defense Drops aren't ignored.
(Special) Defense Boosts are ignored.


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Defense Drops are calculated in Critical Hit calculation.
Albeit, Defense Boosts aren't.

Hope I helped. :)
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