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Since in Gen V the total amount of EVs that you could gain were 510, but in Gen VI it's 504 - would some of it's EVs disappear?

I knew there was a change in the EV thing. xD
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The EV total is still the same. In X & Y, you can still invest 510 EVs. But instead of 255 being a max in a stat, it's 252.

There's two answers to this:

  • If a properly trained Pokemon with 252/252/4 EVs or any other spread will not lose any.
  • If an improperly trained Pokemon with 255/255 EVs or any other spread involving 255 EVs will lose the 3 EVs in the stat and regain them to use in other stats.

Source: A friend with PokeBank and I tested this over the weekend.

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The total EV you can gain is still 510. The only difference is that the max amount of EV you can have in ONE stat is changed from 255 to 252.

The case scenario where your 510 EV total will be changed to 504 is when:
You have 255 EVs in two stats. This is when the extra 3 EVs in both stats are removed to satisfy the new max of 252 in one stat. This 6 EVs can then be invested in another stat.

If you have the typical 252/252/4 spread, which is at 508 EVs, even after transfer, the EV total remains unchanged.

Hope that you understand my explanation (I am quite lousy in explaining) and I managed to be of help to you. :)

Source: Experience

You have Pokebank? That's why you put your source as experience then.