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Is this true?i have seen a ton of comments and videos in YouTube about this and it seems that it may be true .Too many things happening like the man in the hotel who talks about a mysterious region or the souvenir he gives you.New region or Hoenn remakes ?

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Or a game called Pokémon Z.

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Nintindo has not said anything for any new games yet but there are diffrent rumors such as the Hoenn remakes.If Nintindo is making a new game it would come in the next 3 or so years.

here is a certain rumor I found interesting:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18-Y0CSZxgc


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3 years??? nope, B2/W2 came out a year and a half before X/Y so there's no way theyll wait that long
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No, there has been no confirmation of Hoenn remakes or a new region.

It's all just theory & speculation; Nintendo hasn't released anything on this yet, and considering that X&Y just came out a few months ago, there probably won't be any news on this for a while.

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Thanks fondy:-)