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this question had just poped up recently with me and with the new game just 1 month away I wanna hear what other ppl say


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>Pokemon Village
>Arceus/ Fairy
>In a patch of grass on the western bank of the stream (requires Surf)

Source: Bulbapedia/ Pokemon Village/ Items

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The Fairy-Type is all in it's early stages. Currently, the Fairy-type is a nothing type. There aren't any known items that can increase Fairy-type moves or anything - it's all just a big mess the Fairy Type. xD

Since this is the first new type in nearly two decades, this is all very new to them. The Dark and Steel-types joined the Pokemon franchise with ease since there weren't any moves or abilities or whatever the heck that needed to be added, to make it look pleasing.

There is a good chance there will be a Fairy Arceus, with the Fairy Plate and such. They might re-release a Fairy Arceus as an event, or something. Due to this big release though, it might be like the ??? Arceus, where it may be only available over hack.

It's all very intriguing as to how this Fairy-type thing will work, and if they get around to Arceus - they might not. It isn't really confirmed at all, but there is a 90% chance they probably will add a Fairy Arceus.

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(Sorry about the long answer; hopefully it's relevant xD)

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In order for Arceus to have a type it needs to hold a Plate. This item, depending on what type moves it increases, will give Arceus its type.
For example: If Arceus is holding a Toxic Plate it will become a Poison type and so on, due to its Ability Multitype.
Also every type has a plate and there for it is almost 100% possible that the Fairy type will also gain a plate. If this happens then when giving Arceus a "Fairy Plate" it will become a Fairy type.

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It probably will get one but not right away, It will need a Fairy Plate to do so. Since it can only change when it's holding a plate.
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