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thats your opinion all the way, but I can try to help you a bit

enter image description here
- breaks through substitutes with infiltrator
- can abuse the choice specs effectively because of his high speed
- great move pool with fire blast, dragon pulse, boomburst and more
- good bulk, so you can sweep without getting OHKO´ed if you don't OHKO´es (hope you understood what I said now)
- draco meteor+u-turn

- specs is really needed due to not that good sp.atk
- suckish attack stat which makes its great move pool half as useful

hope this helped you on your way!:D its your opinion now. if you need speed, a great lead and a good wallbreaker, then use him. if you are just looking for a dragon/ flying type too build a team around, I would consider using dragonite>

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thanks for your help i obtained a noibat and im kinda new to competitive
Noivern looks like a cool alien bat thing from Saturn's moon and is fast enough to revenge kill +2 DD Tyranitar with choice scarf  draco meteor. And with Timid nature/specs it's a monster. I use life orb because I hate choice items.