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Alright lets say I go to battle a friend, using a team with legendaries, my lead is Mewtwo, level 100.

I caught it at level 80, and battled enough Pokemon to bring it level 100.

I fight my friend who has a...lets just say, a Mew.

Is it safe to assume that no legendary Pokemon (besides arceus/dialga/palkia/giratina)
can be fully EV trained, AKA Have a stat that is maxed out on something?

Couldn't you Reset EVs during Super-training ?
Well I think but if the pokemon is level 80, it wouldn't really matter.
You can max out EVs, any level, you get EVs by defeating Pokémon, not Leveling up
So how would I do it with a level 80 mewtwo with a modest nature?
Super training or horde battling, the way you would with any Pokemon

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Well, you can assume that the Legendaries you face won't be EV Trained, but that isn't always the case... Since most battles are usually in Normal Rules(Meaning LV 50 is the LV Cap), there is no way for you to tell what LV the Legendary Pokemon actually is. The only way you can find put a level of a Pokemon is with the No Restrictions cap in the game, which does what it says basically... While there are people who don't even know what EVs are and think Legendaries are all too powerful, it's not safe enough to say that the have no EVs, because sometimes they do. Also, when you said that you raised your Mewtwo to LV 100, that LVing up gains EVs alone, maybe not max EVs in a stat, but EVs all around.

So the ultimate answer is no, never expect the best, but always the worst.

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You can EV legendaries.