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is Mew/ mewtwo the most powerful Pokemon?

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We don't really know
Actually we don't know. In the anime Mewtwo is referred as the Powerful Pokemon but there is no strongEST Pokemon it all depends on opinions and strategy, In Pokemon FRLG and Red and Blue in the Pokemon Mansion in Cinnabar Island there is a scientific log which explains that: Mewtwo was born of a pregnant Mew, found deep in the jungles of Guyana, whose embryo had been tampered with to alter its DNA. It was held and studied in the mansion where a scientist performed horrific gene-splicing experiments that made it vicious and extremely powerful. It eventually broke free of the Mansion, destroying it in the process, and fled. It can be encountered in Cerulean Cave, accessible only after a Trainer has proven his or her skill at the Indigo Plateau.
For Mew: (This is from the manga)
Mew debuted in the first round of the Red, Green & Blue chapter, A Glimpse of the Glow. Here, Red and Blue see one in Pallet Town and try to catch it, but fail. It is known as the "Phantom Pokémon" and was chased by Team Rocket. It is revealed later on, that Mew inhabits the area near Pallet Town because it lacks the pollution created by humans in other areas.
Team Rocket's chase would continue all the way to the next volume, where they attempt to regain the disc containing Mew's habitat and information from Green, but fail and are tricked into stealing an empty one she prepared. They catch up to Green and her unwilling ally Red soon afterward, and interrupt them when they tracked down and attempted to capture the rare Pokémon. However, when their Jynx was able to almost succeed, Mew's powerful Psychic attack left them listless, and soon escaped. The small samples of its DNA that the Rockets acquired, however, led to the creation of its powerful clone.

Source: Me and Bulbapedia Mew and Mewtwo

Arceus is the most powerfull pokemon
It is if Rayquza and Mewtwo cant Mega Evolve (but in pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, it is impossible to have a Rayquaza that cant Mega Evolve), then Arceus is. If it can then Mewtwo is stronger by 60%
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It depends.

There are plenty of Pokemon that top Mew in base stats and/or Mega/Primal form, but no Pokemon top Mega Mewtwo. Mew has 600 base power and Mewtwo has 680 base power, but Arceus has 720 base power. But if Mewtwo can Mega Evolve, it has 780 base power,which is 60% higher then Arceus' base power, making it the strongest Pokemon. Although, it shares its throne with Rayquaza, having 680 base power and 780 Mega Power.
So, if Mewtwo is not in Mega Form (both X and Y Mega),then Arceus is stronger. If Mewtwo is in Mega Form, Mewtwo is the most powerful, but Mew is not.

Arceus would be the most powerful if it could Primal or Mega Evolve, but since it can't, Mega Mewtwo, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Mega Rayquaza, and some others top Arceus.

So, Arceus has the best Base Stats, but Rayquaza and Mewtwo have the best Mega Stats.

60% higher? I dont think so...
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