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Is there any possible way to play Pokemon Emerald on the 3ds compatible systems? I am trying to get mew on ultra sun and there seems to be no other way then get it on emerald and transfer to ultra sun.

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You can get a Mew in Platinum, which you can play on a 3DS.

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Unless you hack your 3DS or something there's is no vc release for that game

you can play emerald in a Nintendo DS/DS Lite if you have a emerald cartridge it has a retrocompatibility with GBA Games

ambassador program?
Care to elaborate? You can't get Emerald on 3DS and I'm pretty sure it's that simple.
Oh Nvm. Nintendo only let first party games be free for the ambassador prgram.
There are some full-game-download cards at Target.
@Nuivo, picture please?
I can't, I've just seen them. I'm not sure there are any for Emerald though, I've only seen HG and P.
Those are Ds games which CAN be played on a 2ds
Why assume an Emerald download exists when you've never seen one? You've made a monumental discovery if such a thing exists lol.
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Sadly not, GB cartridges need the slot at the bottom of the ds which was unfortunately not included in the 3ds models. Only 2 ds’s, game boys etc.