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I recently changed my date settings on my 3ds so that I could catch a island scan Pokemon in ultra moon and then changed it back again. And now I cant seem to play roto loto. Is this a permanent issue or is there a way to fix this?

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Did you do anything else with trying to get the “island scan?”
If you did, revert it back.
I remember hearing a while back that the game locks you out of time-based events for 3 days if you’ve changed the clock.
It's probably that. I've encountered similar problems in the Pokémon games. Usually, I've found I just have to wait a day or two and the thing goes back to normal.
krlw i thonk its just one day in usum
Just keep trying and you will get it.

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No. All time-based events will be locked for 3 days after changing the clock.

Source: Comment by KRLW890