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Im about to start my Ultra Moon play through and I've been wondering: If the Roto Loto can be done at certain points in the game's story, then could it be possible to do the Roto Loto after becoming champion and defeating Rainbow Rocket?

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Rotom will ask you random questions throughout the game- but that doesn't mean that's the only way to activate Roto Loto. Tapping Rotom on an area that isn't the map will give you a heart sometimes, and this heart may cue a Roto Loto, and when evolving Pokémon, Rotom may cue a picture to be taken. So, even post-game, you can use the Roto Loto! I've also had Rotom ask me questions even after defeating Rainbow Rocket. (But the questions aren't about in-game events, they're more "Whats your favorite time of day?" etc.,)

Source: Experience In-Game

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