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I was link trading and I found out that I couldn't trade my araquanid in UM. It was a normal one, level 20, had my user as it's OT, had decent stats, and was caught in the wild.. The same thing happened to my shiny solgaleo, but of course I couldn't trade that because I hacked to get it. Anyways, why can't I trade my araquanid?

What was Araquanid's item? What were its moves?

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The most likely reason is that your Araquanid was holding an item exclusive to USUM. The same thing happens in ORAS to XY(just a connection), since ORAS introduced:

  • Red&Blue orbs
  • Precipice Blades
  • Origin Pulse
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I don't think this is right. New items or moves shouldn't prevent people from trading Pokemon to Ultra Moon.
They said that the Araquanid was already in UM, although they didn't specify whether they were attempting to trade it to SM or USUM, so this answer is potentially plausible.
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I have an idea as to why this happened. I’m 90% sure this is it:

Is your Araquinid totem? If it is, that explains it. Totem Pokémon originate in US/UM, so they cannot be traded to S/M.

Usually hacked Pokémon can bypass the hack check and trade if you’re using link trade. The reason why you can’t trade them on GTS is because most of the time hacked legendaries or mythicals are in cherish balls, and you can’t trade event Pokémon on GTS. I think the real reason is that your Solgaleo was holding either the Solgalium z or the Ultranecroium Z