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Well its just curiosity I mean he is in the fairy egg group so...


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they couldn't retype too many pokés
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                                ^ le´stupido

take a look at audio. take a look at chansey and raichu in the fairy egg group. all of them looks like fairy types, but nintendo simply couldn't retype too many, cuz that would just screw up the whole metagame. also, look at castform: fairy? cast form is a cloud with eyes, not much of a fairy, so they had to prioritize the ones that looked more like fairies. (clefable, azumarill o.s.v)

hope this helped a bit!

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Think for a second. Castform is the Weather Pokemon.
If it could become Grass, Electric and Fairy types from the new terrain moves, Castform would start to become a lot like Kecleon/Arceus.

Nintendo most likely wanted to keep the idea of a unique Pokemon that changes in various natural weather conditions. But why not sandstorm? Because Sandstorms are caused by wind, and come from dust on the ground, and not the sky. (which is what Game Freak is appearing to go for, transforming from weather that comes from the sky.) If Castform transformed into Fairy Type from Fairy Terrain, it wouldn't be as unique, as Terrain ≠ Weather.

Also, just because a Pokemon is in an egg group doesn't mean they are of that type. For example, Delibird is in Water 1. But, surprise, it's not a water type! :O

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