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So Dark Type, I can understand, but Fairy Type? Why is Grimmsnarl and its line Fairy Type? There is nothing that is relevant to a fairy on Grimmsnarl.

I thought it was cause they were like elves
Elves? How is Grimmsnarl an Elf?
Its an elf.

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While Gamefreak Fairies are usually pink and cute, actual myths of fairies describe a lot of them as powerful, mysterious pranksters. The Grimmsnarl line is heavily inspired by Imps. (Impidimp) Wikipedia states that:

An Imp is a European mythological being similar to a fairy or demon, frequently described in folklore and superstition.

So that is why the Grimmsnarl line is Fairy type. Notice how the quote says European. The Galar region is based off the UK, explaining why it's found in Galar. Grimmsnarl also has the ability Prankster, which refrences it's origins.

Also, here's an interesting video on the origins of Grimmsnarl.

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Ok, thank you!
I'm not watching the vid yet, but I'm guessing it's from Lockstin & Gnoggin
Also, I'm using my school account so I can't watch videos
Yes, it is from Lockstin and Gnoggin.
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Believe it or not, not all fairies are cute, pink, twinkly and stuff like that. Grimmsnarl's line is based on the Celtic Fairies, and some Celtic Fairies look like goblins or other creatures not resembling the stereotypical fairy. Grimmsnarl's evolutionary line is based off of goblins and imps, and most fairies are magical tricksters, partially explaining its Fairy typing and its ability Prankster. Fun fact: In English folklore, goblins are a type of fairy
It also appears to be based on a witch, since in folklore, hair was considered a powerful magic source.
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/gw8xme/why_is_grimmsnarl_a_fairy_type/

Hope this helps :)

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Fun fact: Goblins sit on your chest in the night which causes nightmares.
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Some fairies don’t just look like goblins, they are goblins. Goblins were originally considered fairies.