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This is in-game.

Grimmsnarl @ Expert Belt
Ability: Frisk
- Drain Punch
- False Surrender
- Spirit Break
- Ice Punch

Grimmsnarl @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- False Surrender
- Spirit Break

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One thing I recommend is that you get Brick Break. It's better than drain punch even if there is no healing back. Especially in-game when it's easy to sweep the gym leaders and them.
There is no difference in base power between Drain Punch and Brick Break.  Secondly, you almost never encounter Screens in-game, so the healing of Drain Punch is better.  Drain Punch > Brick Break.

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Attacking is so much better in-game. Playthroughs are all about hyper offense, and a supportive role is generally weaker than all-out attacking. In competitive, support Grimmsnarl is much better due to Prankster and dual screens/Thunder Wave, but in-game, those are practically worthless. Grimmsnarl has a colourful offensive movepool, so there's no shortage of coverage options either.

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