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I mean, if you show kyurem to a girl in a city I dont remember right now, she gives you the DNA splicers. I also remembered a guy wanting to see a genesect. What are All the persons that gives you something special if you show Them a specific Pokemon?


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Deoxys changes forms when shown to the meteorites in Ambrette town
A girl in snowbelle city Pokemon center gives you the gracidia flower when you show her shaymin
A scientist near the end of Reflection cave gives you the reveal mirror if you show her 1 of the forces of nature
A punk girl gives you a DNA splicers if you show her Kyruem in Kiloude city
A move tutor teaches secret sword and relic song to keldeo and meloletta in snowbelle city
A hiker gives you all 4 drives for genesect in ambrette town


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[1]: http://www.serebii.net/xy/bankunlocks.shtml

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