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I had like 60 friends on X version and I switched it out to play Y version and it said "Updating friends". Now I don't really have friends in X version anymore -- I still have their Friend Safari's but their avatars show up as blank "?".

They're still on my 3DS system but it's like the game doesn't recognize them anymore. Does this always happen if you take X out and start playing Y? And is it a problem, because I kind of liked battling them and now idk how to get them back...

EDIT: I can only get them back if they go online again but their PSS profiles show up completely blank. Is this normal or just bad luck? Before it never deleted my friends from X, it just transferred them over to the other game... :(

Someone help!

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Its just a malfunction in the game. Its supposed to transfer ur friends and their safaris. The games are probably messed up or its just another glitch in the game. Make sure the games are clean because if they're dirty, itmight delete something important.

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