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Because I think I saw somewhere that unnerve is a somewhat pointless ability, and I would agree. But since I recently got one, I would like to know: would a pointless, yet rare ability on this Pokemon have any worth in trading?

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Absolutely not! :D

Unnerve is one of the worst abilities, and Mold Breaker (or even Rivalry) Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus is much, much better. Considering most Pokemon don't hold berries, it doesn't have much worth. Sure, it's good against Custap Berry suicide leads and Sitrus Berry LC, but not against much more...

Source: Trying to trade this piece of crap before

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Awesome... though I do wonder if I could tell a noob "yeah, it has its HA" and get an unfair trade in my favor... Haha, oh man I'm a jerk for even considering it.
"Piece of Crap" FUNNY XD
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Well the desired Ability you should have for Axew, Fraxure and Haxorus is Mold Breaker, since this grants them the ability to ignore Abilities such as Levitate, Sturdy and Multiscale.

Although Unnerve is not the most pointless Ability, as it nullifies the effects of common berries used in the meta game such as the o so common Lum Berry, used mainly to cure Pokémon of a Burn. As well as Pokémon holding a Sitrus Berry to restore HP or a Chesto Berry complemented with Rest. Axew, Fraxure and Haxorus with Unnerve would be best to use in the VGC.

Hope I helped :)

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