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I really can't bear my Cloyster getting its Hidden Ability I raised in Moon. Do only Gen 1 Pokemon (Red, Blue, Yellow Virtual Console) get their Hidden Ability or do Gen 6/7 Pokemon get Hidden Ability as well when transferred?

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Everything from the Virtual console range will have its Hidden Ability when transferred to Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon, nothing more, nothing less, so you Cloyster will be safe. The only time a Pokémon's Ability will change is when there was a change between generation 6 and generation 7. An example of this is Gengar: when you transfer a Gengar with Levitate from generation 6 to generation 7, it will have Cursed Body, and nothing will change that, because this was a permanent change made in generation 7

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My Moltres with the ability Flame Body is from the Kalos region, but it is in my Ultra Moon game so shouldn’t have it’s hidden ability from being transfored?
Hidden Abilities can't be removed. Hidden Abilities are only added to Pokémon from the RBY/GSC virtual console games if they are sent to a compatible newer game. If you bring a Moltres that has it's Hidden Ability to Ultra Sun/Moon, it should have it's Hidden Ability (Flame Body) in Ultra Sun/Moon.
Stakatacool, it doesn’t have its hidden ability and I don’t know what RBY and GSC means. Can you reanswer by using Pokémon Generations.
RBY means Red, Blue, Yellow; GSC means Gold, Silver, Crystal. :P

Flame Body is Moltres's Hidden Ability. Pressure is Moltres's Regular Ability. Whatever Ability Moltres had in X/Y, it should also have in Ultra Sun/Moon, if it is from the Kalos Region.
What does Serebii mean by transfer then? Is a shiny Greninja with Protean in a regular pokeball legit?